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June 7, 2021, 12:59 p.m. -  Tjaard Breeuwer

Just to be clear: what I am talking about is not so much the trade off of protection vs weight/breathability, or something like that. What I meant is that it seems that kids heads are likely shaped a bit different than adult heads, even if the upper circumference is within the size guide of the helmet. Until this (low speed) crash, I had never really thought to check the ‘face protection factor’ and when I did, I was surprised in the variation I found between helmets, even when all of them fit well in the upper head. So just wanted to share that, and have others (especially parents), check this. I don’t want to tell others what protection to wear or not. It was just that I suspect there are many people out there, who (like me) thought they (their kids) were better protected than they actually were. Do the ‘ball to face test’ and then take that factor into all your other considerations when choosing protective gear.

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