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June 5, 2021, 8:30 a.m. -  Andrew Major

This helmet was the right protection, for the right price, for the Shore-XC riding that we're doing. There's always a balance of breathability to coverage especially as she always rides with the chin bar on when we're on singletrack. She's put the helmet into the ground a few times and it's been great. I've seen all kinds of detritus enter all kinds of helmets so for me it's like any min-maxing situation where you are mitigating the risk based on your best assessment. For example, I always wear a full-face descending on my mountain bike these days - a bargain that we struck - and it's usually a Leatt DBX 3.0. I'm confident in the helmet for lower speed unexpected meetings with the ground in jank where I never used to wear a chin bar, but if I'm pushing then I always grab my proper full-face helmet because the Leatt just isn't built to take a real smack. Totally cool with that.  I do appreciate you sharing your experience. When we go up to the next wheel size and a suspension fork (sometime in the fall I'm guessing) and the speeds increase I'll absolutely be doing a reassessment of protective gear.

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