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June 3, 2021, 6:25 p.m. -  rcybak

Hi, thanks for reaching out. I don't have a relationship with the brand I'm using now, but I do like their product. My rotor prep when installing new pads is the same as I've always done: clean with isopropyl alcohol with a clean rag. If there is a different rotor prep technique that your pads require, some instruction should come with the pads. I will sand my rotors as necessary, and I haven't contaminated a brake pad since 2015, so I'm reasonably confident I didn't do that. When I bedded the pads in, they felt excellent, and were quiet and powerful. My first ride, I was very excited to use them, even stating to my riding partner that I was going to have the quietest brakes on the mountain, which was going to be impressive, because there was snow on the ground. Unfortunately, once wet, they became the loudest pads I had ever used, and I'm not exaggerating. They had excellent stopping power, excellent feel, and if I was deaf, I'd have been very happy with them. However, after about 10 rides or so, the front brake started to lose a lot of power. In the dry, the pads were quiet, but this particular ride, when the brake felt very weak, I became concerned. Though I was sure the brake didn't need a bleed, I bled it anyway to make sure it was not that, and it wasn't. So, I sanded the pads, sanded the rotor, cleaned the pads, cleaned the rotor, re-bedded them, but the lack of power remained. I replaced the front pads with a different brand, and they felt normal again. A few rides later, the rear started acting the same way, so I replaced those as well with a different brand, and the problem was again solved.  I realize that I could have contacted you and probably would have had 2 new sets sent to me, but in my mind, the pads had already negatively affected two of my rides, and I value my time on my bike very highly to risk ruining another ride, so I decided to go on a different direction. Maybe my set of pads were defective somehow, I don't know. By the sounds of the review, they had a great experience, but I cannot say the same thing.

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