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June 3, 2021, 9:52 a.m. -  rcybak

I, too, tried the red MTX pads on my Saint brakes, excited about the opportunity to get quieter brakes for the wet, wintery rides we get around here. I found that bedding them in wasn't much more difficult than Shimano pads, and they sure felt powerful enough. However, I found that the pads in the wet were way louder and took longer to stop being loud than any pad I've ever used. Their power was sufficient, until it wasn't. My front set became very weak, almost like a contaminated pad, but without the accompanying squeals, unless I got them wet. Very loud. My rear pads also send to lose power after a while, and, before I had even worn 10% of the thickness, they were in my garbage can, replaced by another aftermarket option, which is available locally for less money. This new option (Basic Bike Co), works much, much better than the MTX. I'm a heavy rider (210 lbs), ride steep techy terrain, and I need pads to perform consistently, and I just didn't get that from the MTX, so now I'm left to question either the reviewer's sanity, or my own. I'm biased towards my own genius and skills, so I cannot recommend those MTX red pads.

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