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June 2, 2021, 4:24 p.m. -  aaaaaaaaaaargh

I wanted a pair of high-top mountain bike shoes for a while and was excited when 5.10 dropped this new line. I was trying to hold out for the waterproof GTX model, but they were delayed until this August and my 5.10 Freerider Contacts weren't going to hold out that long, so bought a pair of the mids. I wear size 13, and they feel a bit spacious with thin cycling socks but the fit is more than roomy enough for a pair of waterproof socks, so I think that will be enough for the occasional wet ride. I was a little concerned toe protection might not be sufficient in these, but the toe cap feels like it will match what the Contacts provided. Hasn't been tested yet, though. One thing I didn't expect switching to this shoe from other 5.10s is that the midsole feels noticeably thicker than the 5.10 Freerider Contacts they replaced. I tossed those old shoes as soon as I got these so couldn't compare directly, but I measured my height in both these and some 5.10 Aescents, and these seemed to add about a centimeter. I just don't feel as connected on these, so I'm going to get a second pair of shoes for rides that are more about going fast down hill and save these for adventures that might involve more walking or benefit from the ankle protection.

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