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June 2, 2021, 8:02 a.m. -  useport80

i've been on the trailcross xt's for the last year and they are so far my fav shoe in terms of grip and breathability. i can't wear them in winter cuz you can really feel the cold wind coming into the front. i got the mid pros 2 months ago and i ordered the same size i did for my xts and they fit differently. something is up with sizing. im not sure what it is but my pinky toes were getting hammered while riding. not by hitting objects on the trail but just normal riding. it gets to a point where it's unbearable and i have to stop. i initially thought the shoes had to break in, so i wore them 4-5 times, and each time my pinky toes were destroyed. i do have wider EE feet so these shoes probably aren't meant for me. i just found it odd that the sizing was different with each shoe. i ended up returning the mid pros and just got new xts.

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