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June 1, 2021, 7:30 p.m. -  mikeynets

I have a Banshee Spitfire V3 which at ~31 lbs is neither light nor heavy, just average. And I find the suspension on it (DPX2 Performance Elite and RS Pike with a Luftkappe) highly functional and well set up for my weight and riding style and locale. I recently did a short bikepacking trip and after slapping some loaded bags on the bike and riding it aggressively on some steep and rocky trails, I expected it would be a little less than optimal — I didn't adjust my suspension at all, just added a couple extra PSI to my tires. But I came away thinking the extra weight made the suspension work even better than usual! Now I'm thinking I need to adjust my suspension when unloaded to mimmick how it road with an extra ~10 lbs.

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