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June 1, 2021, 4:04 a.m. -  chrischris

Hi , I searched for a long time for a similar solution and finally ended up buying a Pet GPS tracker from Aliexpress. These things are quite standard and if you investigate a little you can find they are actually all variations of car fleet GPS trackers. In case anyone tries it , be careful with the apps and portals from China though, you can never trust them 100% (I once received a mail that my passord is exposed after usig one of their portals). Just use a password that you can afford being discovered and maybe also some backup e-mail address. I think now you can also find similar trackers with portals located in EU. I installed the tracker under the frame and masked it with a downtube protector. I had to remove the PCB from the original case of course so that it's thin enough and wrapped it in plastic to make it  whaterproof. Power cables run thru the frame where the bigger capacity battery is located (2600mAh lasts about 3-4 weeks). I have a metal frame , otherwise I would have mounted the tracker in the frame too. Base costs: 40EUR tracker, 20EUR battery, 20EUR battery charger, 3EUR/month SIM fees.  I spent quite some time and money  finding the right tracker though (about 100EUR) and I already had the needed tools to make the stuff around it. One can discuss a whole day about the advantages and disadvantages of GPS trackers but the basic rules are always valid: store your bike in a safe place and never leave it unlocked in public places. Related to SINK GPS tracker the idea is not new, I've seen similar stuff already available.  I find the 40/year plan good as long as it'works in (almost) all countries. The App has the chance to be good and I would trust it more if it works with servers located in NA or EU. 200$ is a little steep but as you say it's justifiable if you have an expensive bike. Just the location on the bike I don't find that good, many of the stolen bikes get disassambled and that thing will be discovered quite fast. I think an option of a separate kit of GPS and battery that you can install wherever you want (ideally in the frame) would be better, like that from PowUnity.

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