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May 29, 2021, 8:52 a.m. -  Lynx .

OK, so seems that there's still quite a few of us out there despite what the marketing depts would like us to believe. The one thing I always carry is my trusty, original Leatherman multi tool, had it since I think '94 or '95 and it's served me well, but the thing is a tank weight wise and I've suffered a broken retaining spring on one side, which somewhat relegates the tools to not being so useful. So my question is, what tool would give me almost the same sort of range as the original Leatherman tool, but maybe be a bit lighter? Must have the serrated and straight blade, saw,  \[hilips, flat and can opener. Oh and yes, I also carry a  few headset spacers for those wannbe mechanics who didn't cut their steerer quite right and/or put enough of the proper height and didn't manage to properly pre-load the bearings and hence are getting play and can't figure why. Also few common size M4&5 bolts, rotor/cleat bolts, get me home worn brake pads, valve stem, valve cores, 10/11/12 speed quick links, velcro straps, cable ties, pad spacer blocks and I'm sure I'm forgetting much :-D

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