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May 28, 2021, 10:26 a.m. -  IslandLife

Hmm, so as soon as it's above 6 degrees, which on the south coast is close to 365 days a year, you change your tire? "Shit, it's 8 degrees today, where's my Maxxgrip!"   And if that's the reason, then why a MaxxGrip out back? Also, not "having any issues" with grip is quite a bit different to all of sudden realizing you have wayy more grip with a different compound.  It's been pretty well documented how much a difference the MaxxGrip makes over wet roots and such during the winter here... and that's just comparing it to a MaxxTerra.. nevermind a Dual Compound! I'm going to assume it had to do with availability at the time the shots were taken.  Lots of people were/are having the same issues.  Including me... still running MaxxTerra's on both ends when I'd like a MaxxGrip out front.

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