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May 27, 2021, 10:07 p.m. -  Gage Wright

Hi my name is Gage and I have learned not to bring my dog.  Yep I have ridden with the probable writer and editor of this article and yep I agree.  Tough pill to swallow but a necessary one.  Just look at the Shimano Dog's Tale video.  Who doesn't want that for themselves or the dog.  A perfect mingling of man, machine, and man's best friend.  YES PLEASE!  Then again the best laid plans of mice and men often...(insert all of the above articles complaints).  A dog walk before will liberate you for a few hours to safely shred with the gang but for both safety and sanity I am learning to just leave the dog at home for group rides.  Again this is just me, at this moment, speaking from my own experience. In the past my friends have mostly been honest and will say if they are uncomfortable with the dog coming along.  The odd time they were too polite or understanding is where I made a mistake.  I brought the dog.  So much energy spent managing the risk while being a constant distraction from focusing on the dangerous task at hand.  In those moments I wished I had walked the dog pre-ride or split off to ride solo.  I need to understand where my ride companions are coming from and not be upset with them voicing their concerns.  The same group dynamics play out in most wilderness sports in that everyone has an equal voice and contributes to the group.  The decision on risk to reward is based on the consensus of the group and no other form of dictatorship/meritocracy/first past the rock roll majority. In the future I no longer want to risk the group because of the dog and I am removing choice from the matter by simply not bringing him along with me.  Just my two cents and a public admission of guilt for being "that dog guy".  Sorry to all my friends, you very patient people.   P.S. I'll just go ahead and also call us even as most of the people I have ridden with have take a tube, plug, CO2, or zip tie off me.  Honestly, DH casing tires, Cushcore, and PSI above 20.  9/10 tubes carried on my frame have gone to badly neglected charity chariots and riding buddies.

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