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May 27, 2021, 8:39 p.m. -  Andrew Major

HAHAHA, sorry to disappoint with the lack of franken-tools!  So I have used pack pliers as pack pliers on the trail. But again not for my own bike. Buddy's chain was so embedded in his cassette that his wheel was seized. The beauty of separating the chain at the quick link was that it wasn't necessary to break it and add another link. I've found them handy for other things (including removing a lock-nut on a valve stem so a guy could install a tube) but I certainly have used the 8-Bit much more as a multi-tool. There's a reason it lives in my sometimes tools but it sometimes nice to have a bit more leverage than the average multi-tool delivers or the swivel head to get into weird spots  If you look close you can see that mine looks thoroughly abused and I only use it on the trail so... Certainly, my dream setup all starts around an EDC-Lite esque tool. It's so nice just being able to grab it, do something, and put it back. You don't realize how much faffing about there is with the regular OneUp EDC until you use the Lite. Then it's just a question of where the other stuff lives.

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