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May 27, 2021, 11:17 a.m. -  MuscogeeMasher

This is shockingly normal!  No mishmashed, frankenstein multitools or the like!  :) I've always wondered what people are doing with those pack pliers, especially if they're not carrying a tube.  Is there really a need to remove a quick link in the woods?  I always put a nice coat of grease on the threads of my valve stems so I can get them out by hand if all the dynaplugs I carry don't the trick and I have to resort to a tube.  So, I don't need for that either.  Generally curious. On the first aid front, a great tip is to put some prescription pain meds in there.  Even if you or your buddy is just waiting to be extracted, they can make things a lot more comfortable.   If you're going to try to get out on your own, they can make the pain of doing that more bearable and increase your chances of success.  Obviously, need to be careful with how many and it's best if you've taken them before (i.e., past surgery) so you have some idea of how you handle them.  Don't be stupid.  Important variables are whether you're by yourself and whether route finding is involved.   Is there a commercial first aid kit that's worth a crap?  Light enough to carry with what you really need and without a bunch of stuff you don't.  Not sure I've ever seen one.  Would be an interesting review/article.

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