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May 27, 2021, 10:33 a.m. -  Onawalk

Quick note, We are, predominately adults, riding bicycles in circles in the forest, typically for free.  Lets not take ourselves too seriously out there.  If riding is the only or best way to maintain your sanity, make sure you’re taking the necessary steps for yourself. I have only recently acquired a trail dog after a long hiatus, he’s learning, and typically much better behaved than myself, or lots of others on the trail.  Does he try to race me to every corner, you bet he does,  Does he try to be right beside me on ladder bridges, you bet he does,  Does he add to MY enjoyment, and help to alleviate MY stress, you bet he does. He doesn’t come on all rides, and only if he, and everyone else is cool with it. He hustles faster than most, and he’s a big donkey. Be good to one another

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