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May 27, 2021, 10:27 a.m. -  Mammal

I find it interesting that you haven't come across this topic before, as it's brought up in almost every PB trail dog related article that comes up, and pretty much every point made in these comments are present in the PB comments. I would probably react similarly to an article about people who bring along "that guy", who always has a mechanical due to not servicing their bike, flats and never has tubes/tools, rides slower than I do, or expects the group to conform to their riding standards (that could be TLR, actually). I'd give pretty much the same response in every case. Think about your group's dynamic when planning your ride, communicate with those riders about potential issues, and if it's going to make you happier then you ditch that group that wants to bring their dog. With proper communication, maybe your buddy starts leaving his pooch at home when they're out with you. Same for "that guy", there's a time/place for riding with them too, and some helpful communication might make them a better riding partner, as opposed to "this guy just shouldn't be on the trails". Maybe they think twice when thinking about bringing their dog on a super long hot ride, after your suggestion about the dog's safety. Maybe you decide you're not a huge fan of riding with the 4 other people who are more than happy to ride with dogs.

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