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May 27, 2021, 7:15 a.m. -  Allen Lloyd

Years ago I created an epic shit storm by asking a dog owner if they knew what the word never meant.  Their dog always ran away and the owner always claimed the dog never did it.  I called her out and she blew a fuse.  We decided after that no dogs on our group rides.  Then a couple years later a new couple showed up with the single best trail dog I have ever seen.  Always moved over when a bike approached, always stayed with his owner, just an amazing dog.   My last dog was the typical trail dog PITA, but half the time he would run with us for a mile then just run back to the car and sleep till we came back.  It was scary the first couple time it happened and we couldn't find him.  Then it became a joke.  Friends would run into me on the trail and tell me there was a dog asleep under my car.   RIP Timber and Monk I hope you are both doing what you love in dog heaven.

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