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May 27, 2021, 7:05 a.m. -  blackhat

This is just another layer of the real issue: group MTB is fraught with inconveniences at the best of times.  Some are faster, some slower, some DGAF.  The people who need rest the least get it the most and vice versa.  Mechanicals and injuries stop the group exponentially more often.  People show up late or get there early.  Or you get that one dude who hasn’t lubed his chain in 3 months and can be heard a km up the trail or knew about a problem that just got so bad he can’t ride it. So when you choose riding buddies you have to find a balance of chill enough to hang out with, but serious enough to get their shit together.  Because one or two people who don’t consider their impact on the group are guaranteed to hold the fun back for everyone else in a sport like mountain biking.  We’re not shooting pool and drinking beer here. And I’m sorry, but if you don’t think you need to ask the group about the dog, can’t let him sit on the back of the truck, or are oblivious to the disruption they cause to the ride… well you’re too far on one end of that spectrum for me.  And the dog probably won’t be the only stoppage you bring. No offense, I hope you enjoy the trails.  I even hope I see you and your dog while I’m out.  But I have a family to get back to, enjoy being fit, and enjoy using the fitness I have.  So spending 3 hours in the woods and only rolling for 1 just doesn’t work.  Wondering if a route will take 45 minutes or 2 hours is not something I’m down for.   This doesn’t seem like something I should need to explain really, just like you don’t need to explain why you love your dog.  But somehow I’m the over driven asshole for wanting my bike ride to include a lot of bike riding.

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