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May 26, 2021, 3:10 p.m. -  Marty Zaleski

Things I have learned after a year on the M630 on the shore, mounted to the rear of my V1 Hightower, under a tall 190-lb rider: 1. They are not as harsh as the M60/forty that preceded them. But not as snappy to accelerate either. 2. You will pinch-flat a lot unless you ride with an insert (I ride with Tannus now and have come to be okay with it). Probably more than with the M60/forty. This negates some of the benefits of an ultralight rim. 3. You will break spokes. A lot. And when you do, the nipple that's embedded inside the rim will fire through your rim tape, leaving you with a flat that sealant won't seal. You will be walking unless you have inserts. 4. Removing a tire from this rim, especially with the insert that you for-sure need, is a special brand of hell. It's definitely not a trail-side move. 5. ENVE is really good about replacing a broken rim (here, the M60/forty that the M630 replaced). While I'm happy enough to keep riding these while I have them, they won't be part of my next build.

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