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May 25, 2021, 10:13 a.m. -  Kenny

On my Ibis HD5 I have the Ibis/Blackburn collab "porkchop" bag that slots into the frame with no straps and it's super handy.  Holds pump, tube, multi-plier, wolftooth pack pliers and an ESJ or first aid kit (which I always put one or the other in there because it stops the hard items from rattling around).  I've tried a few flavors of inserts and I get the point, and I still run one on the back of my hardtail, but I find if I kill a tire bad enough the sealant can't close it, a plug ain't gonna do it either.  So for the most part its run heavy casings and no inserts, and carry a tube for me these days. Heavy casings are harder to kill and still allow me to air down some and have some sidewall support, and for the extremely rare case I murder a double down level tire, putting a tube in is no big deal and will effectively fix any tire damage.

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