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May 25, 2021, 7:54 a.m. -  Martin

Rabbit hole you say! I went from riding alone in the Yukon without bear spray or a cell phone to carrying a satellite communicator on my rides. But this decision arose from two things : having a kid coming in early August and a few crashes over the years in the "problematic" zone where my favorite trails are. In late October two years ago, when riding the far away trails with no cell coverage, I stopped and put my feet on a stump so I wouldn't have to lower my seat (stupid I know haha) to take a small break. My foot just landed besides the small stump and I fell down in the river, back first onto a big rock with my bike falling over me. Completely drenched in cold water, I was holding my bike waist-deep in the current trying to get some purchase to find a way back to the trail. When I got out of the water, it was maybe 8C and I had a numbness feeling starting from my lower back, 15km away from my car with no cell phone reception even at the parking.  Maybe I wouldn't have used the satellite communicator even if I had it, but if something ended up complicating I would have. I broke a rib two years prior to this riding at 3kph on the same trail but I was with a friend and was able to ride out relatively well. That's why I bought it, but it was the cheapest one (200$ on sale until the 31st) and I'll only use it when riding this area.  This was a bit out of context, but maybe some will find this story interesting : )

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