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May 25, 2021, 5:27 a.m. -  blackhat

I’ve always packed lite on the belief that if you take care of your bike you won’t need emergency tools in the woods.  Your experience seems to support that, and almost every trailside issue I’ve experienced has had a forensic trail that I chose to ignore.  Perhaps I should read between the lines and admit I’m not going to keep up with it all the time like I should.  It’s always seemed like a lot of people were substituting carrying shit for actual planning and thought with their ride kits.  One time they needed something like sunscreen so now they carry it on every ride - apparently until they die.  I can’t understand how people live their lives like that.  Shit happens, you deal with it and move on. Not weigh the rest of your life down with an ever increasing list of past one offs.   But I’m a bit at a loss about chains recently.  3 QL failures, and one straight up broken chain in the past three months.  All but one of the QL’s were new, and the chain was well within service life.  Not sure what is wrong of if I’m just unlucky, but I guess there will be a chain breaker until it’s sorted.

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