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May 21, 2021, 12:48 p.m. -  Tim Lane

Those earlier VPP bikes use a finer thread pitch on the pivot axles than more recent versions. In my experience the threads are prone to stripping out in the carbon parts. Though the photographed parts look in OKish shape, you can see where the anodizing has worn off of the thread crests and the bolt head bearing surface. I'd recommend periodic replacement of the axles to give the female threads in the rear triangle their best chance of longevity. I believe adjusting the tension for free running of the bearings, like on an old headset, can also lead to failure. Inadequate tension on these axles can allow play in the threaded interfaces, which causes them to wear away - liberal application of Loctite probably helps to relieve this. I guess one reason SC moved from angular contact to deep groove bearings with a spacer between was to allow higher tension and thus less movement in these threads. If there's room in your link for a spacer it might be possible to fit deep groove bearings kits from later versions, though I've not tried.

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