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May 12, 2021, 3:58 a.m. -  Lynx .

First up DAYAMN, that bike is super sweet, but then again, like the owner, I have a lust for Ti since I started riding MTBs in 2004 and a guy had a sweet Ti HT - unfortunately 2 sizes too small to nick :-D I have since lusted after owning a custom Ti, but just can't afford one yet, so have settled for a nice, basic steel Monkey, then Unit. Reading Phil's comment on the ride vs his steel version of the same bike, certainly does not help my wanting of Ti since I prefer full rigid. To Phil, as someone who has quite a bit of experience with 11spd Shimano _(built and worked on quite a few bikes with it)_, I can tell you that you picked the absolute worst shifter you possibly could in the XT, somehow Shimano absolutely shit the bed with it, it's super stiff and hard to push, I'd highly recommend either going to an XTR or SLX. I only just moved my Unit to 11spd Shimano and didn't have XTR $$, but no way in hell was I going with an XT shifter, so went SLX even though I lost the double push feature, it's so much smoother and easier to shift with it, but not quite as precise.

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