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May 5, 2021, 9:11 a.m. -  Dan Lees

No worries!  _Do you have issues with jumps/drops? When I'm in the air I'm always fully deathgrip both sides, and then once wheels hit the ground I grab for brake levers. Results in a braking lag that makes some drops to turns impossible for me._ I have used a similar technique but only on really long descents where I can feel my left hand getting tired and my grip starting to go, places like the French/Swiss Alps, Bike Park Wales or WBP, for the relatively short Downhills we tend to have in the UK it tends to not be an issue.   I have also noticed that arm pump is worse on my left side too, probably as I'm asking the forearm muscles that remain to generate more force/do more work with less. I seem to have very little of a Flexor Carpi Ulnaris - and why would I?  I suspect the [Depuytrens Contracture](\#:~:text=Dupuytren's%20(du%2Dpwe%2DTRANZ,fingers%20into%20a%20bent%20position. "Depuytrens Contracture") I have on that hand too probably doesn't help. I have just made the jump from an old (so old it has a QR rear) Chromag Rootdown to a Banshee Prime (160mm front and 135mm rear) and it'll be interesting to see if it makes a much of a difference for me, certainly seems to help the rest of my aching joints. I didn't mention it in my initial post but I'm also the worlds fussiest glove purchaser/user.  My riding buddies Alan and Aaron have hands a similar size to me and have received a fair pairs of barely used gloves. Gloves have to have: -  a velcro cuff to accommodate the lower volume round the left wrist  \- no armour at all as I tuck the little finger material inside the palm to take up some of the extra space in the palm section if that makes sense?   \- Palms cannot stretch or the left one will end up a overly baggy mess in short order.   \- Sizing has to be tight AF on the right to fit OK on the left.  Winter gloves are even trickier as my hands run hot like the rest of me but if my left hand gets cold it's game over as all the scar tissue from the operations goes all stiff. 100% Brisker or Ridefit and Dakine Syncline are current favourites. Fox used to be good but then they changed the palm material.  I tend to buy a couple of sets once I find something I like.

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