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May 5, 2021, 8 a.m. -  Phil Szczepaniak

Thanks for sharing! I know what you mean, about clamping strength. That's the challenge I have on longer descents... even though it has one more finger than my right hand, I have a useless finger that is basically in the way. So with one finger on the brake lever, I only have two fingers remaining for clamping the bar (over, under). So I guess 1 digit short of what you are describing. This leads to me having a spectacular 'hand flying off the bar' situation 2-3 times a season. On longer descents I deathgrip the bar and only use rear brake (right hand is way stronger and more developed) in sections I know I can get away with it.  I also take breaks on longer sustained descents for my own safety. Do you have issues with jumps/drops? When I'm in the air I'm always fully deathgrip both sides, and then once wheels hit the ground I grab for brake levers. Results in a braking lag that makes some drops to turns impossible for me.

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