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May 5, 2021, 3:39 a.m. -  Dan Lees

Not massively, as you can see from the pics below my situation isn't that bad to be honest. Left brake lever is slightly more outboard than the right as my left index finger is slightly further outboard. I'm really fussy about grips, like abnormally fussy. I don't get on with lock on grips that have an outer clamp as the outer clamp pushes on a nerve in the outer bit of my left palm that would normally be safely tucked away.  Race Face Half Nelsons seem to be the best (but not perfect) , currently trying SDG Thrice and they are OK-ish,  but the outer flange is a bit too hard so will revert back to Half Nelsons,  I probably wouldn't have bought the Thrice grips in person, but getting to a good bike shop is problematic where I live.  DMR Death Grip are on my "to try" list. Maximum static grip strength (say on a barbell) isn't massively different maybe 5% or so, but on the bars the difference is multiplied when i have my index finger is covering the brakes as I'm down to thumb, middle and ring fingers to grip the bar.  That being said I have only ever had my left hand completely blown off the bars once and that was on a bike path where I wasn't looking where i was going and rode into a brick! Well done me. If there is an issue is that sometimes i have to grip the bars harder on my left hand and it stops me relaxing and i end up riding "tight". Left: ![]( Right for reference: ![](

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