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April 29, 2021, 6:24 p.m. -  Perry Schebel

as someone that tends to keep his bikes for a long time & ride them into the ground, this is great content. i'm a hardcore gear nerd, but also very cognizant of the negative impacts of rampant consumerism / unfettered consumption. keeping these opposing forces in check can be a challenge, and that's where periodic refreshes come into play - reigniting that passion for the current ride rather than falling for the latest shiny new thing. and it doesn't usually take much; a bit of maintenance, new rubber, freshening up the contact points, rattlecanning the frame fluorescent rainbow colors...  i find that the longer i own something, the more i grow an affinity for it. it develops a patina of wear & tear / shared experiences, and inevitably some funky tweaks & modifications that give it a unique character. rat bikes are rad.

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