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April 29, 2021, 11:38 a.m. -  YDiv

For sure. I think there's some websites that give vague breakdowns of annual maintenance costs, but it varies so much from rider to rider that it wasn't super accurate. For example, [TPC]( has a general breakdown, but costs can get complicated when you have to consider the effects of personal preference, differing costs of chains (ex: XX1 vs GX), rider environment, etc. One thing it does highlight though, is that if you don't wrench and you're not dropping a couple Benjamins for bike shop repairs, something is definitely wrong. The Reverb is an interesting one that I couldn't really figure out for a while. The service kits are like $100, which just doesn't make sense from a user standpoint. But if you have the patience, the O rings can be ordered for much cheaper, and only a few of those go bad the quickest. Have seen a couple interesting threads about using IGUS bushings instead of the stock PTFE ones that like to delaminate, but haven't had the chance to play around with that yet.

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