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April 29, 2021, 11:06 a.m. -  Dan

In the spirit of this comment, I had a thought late one recent night that bike reviews - and sales depts of bikes shops AFAIK - don't ever enumerate annual maintenance costs. (Car dealerships, neither I suppose). I had my Remedy 29 in for service a few years back - it needed the 36, the REAKTIV shock, and the Reverb serviced - and though I should have done some rough math in my head before asking for the total, I confess I definitely flinched when the cashier told me the bottom line was $700 and change (USD) for parts and labor. Even now that sounds like a lot - but as always, it's worth it. I ride more than the average bear, and wear all my sh*t out.  I think there's an opportunity for print and online journalists to make this information more readily available. I am imagining a matrix of ride once a month/once a week/several times a week crossed with likely annual brake pad, tire, drivetrain, suspension, etc costs.  Not only can a rider budget for the work, s/he would likely also have a mental model for how much better the bike will perform when these schedules are followed.

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