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April 29, 2021, 1:57 a.m. -  Dan Lees

I don't understand people who will drop $8000 on a new bike and all the flashy new kit and then not look after it. Even if you want to leave the more complicated stuff to the shop, the day to day running bike maintenance of cleaning, lubrication, pad changes, etc doesn't take much effort/knowledge/tools/stuff. On that note in the UK lots of people including myself use these 2 companies for disc brake pads, rotors etc: [  ](  ) []( I have had no issues with anything I have bought from them even in the UK Slop and Grime (TM). They both appear to ship to Canada etc.  4 sets of sintered pads for 4 pot Saint is CAD$68 shipped which strikes me as quite reasonable and will probably take 2 weeks to arrive so a bit of forethought needed.

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