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April 29, 2021, 12:46 a.m. -  YDiv

Agree with a lot of what was mentioned at the start. It's frustrating how many people run their bikes into the ground and then sell it, saying it's in "excellent condition". Like hell no, your shock is aerated because you never serviced it, your chain is way past 0.75%, and all your bearings are probably shot. It's unfortunate because a lot of newbies won't recognize the red flags, and people take advantage of that. Probably the most shocking thing I've heard was a guy tell me he didn't even have grease at his house. Unfortunately, mountain biking is an expensive sport, and a lot of people try to cut costs when it comes to maintenance. There are plenty of ways to cut costs _safely_, but skipping out on maintenance is definitely not the way, considering you're trusting that the bike won't have an ill-timed mechanical failure. TLDR: Skip the oil slick Ergon grips. Do maintenance.

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