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Jan. 21, 2016, 11:21 a.m. -  TEAM ROBOT

#!markdown And you know what else sucks? Heavy 29er tires. I've run 29″ DH casing Maxxis, and it's like swapping the air in your tires with water. Makes the bike feel horrible, even at high speed. If you're comparing 29″ tires to 650+, then I can already tell you that heavier sidewalls on 650+ will suck. Couldn't agree more with Jerry. I think it comes down to rider skill and speed. If you're fast, you crush tires when you hit stuff hard. The current 2.3-2.5″ volume, high pressure setup is tailor made for you. You ride fast enough to deform the high pressure tire, and deformation creates traction. If you're slow, you don't go fast enough to significantly deform 2.3″ tires, and by contrast plus sized tires at low pressure feel amazing: they deform around stuff, don't deflect you off line, and don't sap speed via trail chatter. You also don't go fast enough to discover when they suck. Thanks for the great review go out to Dave and Seb, and the guys at NSMB for dreaming up this dual-review. Great article.

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