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April 23, 2021, 10:21 a.m. -  Sun Hester

You are closer than I am.  OneUp claims 570 grams for the 210mm 30.9 & 710 for the 34.9. I have a shim that I measured at 50 grams, which results in a 90 gram weight difference. Really, I'm as WW as they come. However 210mm (as I'm hoping to run) is an awfully long post to only be 30.9mm diameter and to only have 4" of contact with the inside of the frame seat tube. Currently I have a 175mm KS Ci dropper that works beautifully and only weighs 400 grams on my scales. So I'm gaining about 260 grams (after accounting for the shim) jumping to the OneUp that arrives today, assuming it fits. But I made the decision that an extra 35mm of drop was worth that weight gain to me. As my riding improves and my demands on gear increases, my darn bike keeps getting heavier! Like pounds heavier; it's frustrating!

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