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April 22, 2021, 10:34 a.m. -  AndrewR

@4Runner1 Workshop Words to live by: Buy once buy correct  (quality tools). Do the job correctly and simply the first time.  Never start a maintenance job ten minutes before your local bike shop closes - you will find something that needs fully replacing and that will prevent you riding (and they won't have it in stock anyway). ProBearing Tools (BB and blind bearing extractors)/ RRP (frame & shock bearing press)/ PB Swiss (hex & torx)/ Beta (t-handle hex & torx)/ Knipex (anything plier like). Just because you see them on a lot of shop workshop walls doesn't mean that "insert brand" necessarily make the best quality tool in that tool category (almost every 'bike' brand when it comes to high quality precision hex and torx tools and bits).  3M is your friend: VHB tape, 2228 tape (also referred to as mastic tape), Blue loctite, red loctite, silver bearing paste (great for preventing BB and headset cup creaks - better than grease). Torque wrenches: "Can I have too many?" - answer: "No!!!" 1/4" drive 0-8 Nm and 2-12 Nm; 3/8" drive AC Delco Torque adapter 0-60 Nm. This covers the entire range of bolts and fittings that you might otherwise over torque/ snap on a mountain (any) bike. Two spokes (and new nipples) for each spoke length you require for your wheel set (see above about starting a job ten minutes before shops close). High quality electrical tape make really good rim tape (tubeless). Heat gun (for setting tape). Head torch (I love my Lynx OGT Raven as I can also use it as a night riding light) and true colour LED workshop lights that hit the bike on the stand from every angle. If you have the room in your workshop set your stand so that you can move around to access any part of your bike ( I don't and it is a pain to flip the bike to work on the other side). Bulk Shop cloth (when it goes on sale at Canadian Tire). Alcohol spray bottle (for everything) Washing liquid and water spray bottle (tyres) Big grey trash bin (clean) - best tool ever for changing tyres. Marshall Stockwell (or similar) work shop speaker. Small shop vac/ dust buster: it is amazing how much muck and debris will drop on your floor, even from an allegedly clean bike. Brightly coloured anti fatigue mat for the floor: it is amazing how much easier it is to see the stuff you have dropped on the floor. Always put your tools away in the same place and same pattern. Never put away a dirty tool. Friends don't bring a dirty bike to your workshop. A clean space on a shelf or the bench for your phone/ iPad. almost the entire world of technical support is now in video format and it is easier to watch the "key move" three times than buy a new part if you don't. And if you roll that way: beer fridge and guest chair. Enjoy the many hours of zen that comes with the maintenance of a mountain bike (or five).

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