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April 22, 2021, 9:52 a.m. -  OwenFoster

I'm with Perry on this, big time.   It's probably worth noting that I'm not ever racing a clock.  I would suspect any weaknesses of this suspension platform would be realized mostly in the racing world... where this bike simply doesn't belong.  Feels terrific on bigger compressions, climbs really really well ** (no qualifier) and is comfortable on the long days.  All IMO of course.  It does seem that the buzz is mostly surrounding the Meta 29 over this bike.    The Meta is a raceable bike, big wheels... a real Enduro box ticker. The Clash is essentially the Furious with a seat mast depth and angle that affords a pedal height saddle.  I have dreams of putting on a XO1DH drivetrain, a 34t Switch ring, a 190mm Fox49, DH casings F/B and a solid short post for the next trip Retallack.    Those adjustments actually make sense on this bike... it leans in deep to the DH bike side over the Trail bike side, despite ** I'll be sure to get AJ to shoot it if so, I think it would be quite striking... also it would be a Furious. All that is to say, I've not noticed even for a second that I'm missing the 'pedalling prowess' of a DW link or the 'bottomless feel' of a VPP Glad you like the look of my bike.  It's super fun and I love it. Cheers!

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