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April 22, 2021, 9:17 a.m. -  Pnwpedal

Personally, I think we are hitting the point with dropper post travel where we don't necessarily need much more. It's definitely dependent on the rider's body geometry... For myself, being somewhat tall (6' + a bit when I don't slouch) with longer legs (35" book in crotch) I found that my 160mm Revive V1 felt a little short but my new 185mm Revive V2 may be a hair too long. Dropping it on the trail then getting back into riding position feels a bit too cumbersome. Both posts have been flawless and well worth the investment. So in my opinion, an average height rider (5'-9" American / Canadian male) is probably better served by a 150/160mm post than a 180mm+ post. But I can't argue with the cool factor of longer droppers ... Seat tube angle also plays a part in this equation, but I'm considering this for a normal 2021 era frame.

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