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April 22, 2021, 8:33 a.m. -  ShawMac

I am one of those suckers with 30" inseam.  I was immensely disappointed when I got my new Prime V3. Banshee advertised shorter seat tube in order to fit a wider range of droppers, yet I ended up having to stick to 125mm. The old Prime ran 125mm external routed reverb slammed to the seat tube, the new bike needed a stealth dropper which further increases the insertion length,  so I was about 5mm short of being able to run 150mm post comfortably, so I am still stuck with 125mm post that I need to keep lifted about 2 cm. There wasn't a One-up post to be found during my build. Eventually the One-up or PNW post will be on my upgrade list. If only to get rid of the stupid hydraulic actuator.

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