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April 22, 2021, 8:04 a.m. -  Onawalk

You know what, I had an almost identical experience.  I did, what I thought was a tonne of research prior to buying the OneUp V1 dropper, and all I could find were glowing reviews (realized after, those reviews were based on peoples past experiences with really unreliable posts).  My V1 Worked great for a year, then constant sticking, rebuild, good for a month, then sticking, wash rinse repeat.   Frustrated, on the last rebuild, gave it a real through cleaning, and instead of grease, I heavily cut the grease with oil, Presto! I’m knocking on wood here, cause I’m about to spend my upgrade money on some pool noodles for my overly expensive tires, but its been flawless for 6 months.  Quicker action, reliable, better than new, if maybe a little extra play side to side.

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