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April 22, 2021, 7:26 a.m. -  AndrewR

I am interested in how tall the mullet converts are? I am guessing there is a window of 5'8" to 6" (and possibly riders with shorter inseams) that are really going to feel a benefit.  The pfaff of the technical issues of mixed wheel size (spare tyre stash, emergency wheel set) probably out weigh the benefits for the taller rider.  My 'one arse buzz' per stupid steep trail feature per week is not enough to convince me that a mullet would be better than the trail rolling perfection of my 29" Sight. A design 'standard' that said all XL frames should be able to accept a 200 mm dropper post (and Rockshox adding a 200 mm AXS Reverb to the inventory)  and a stand over height of 700 mm or less would be of more benefit to me (or would give me more choice of bike frames).

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