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April 22, 2021, 6:20 a.m. -  MuscogeeMasher

Andrew is right as usual, but there is a wrinkle that I’ll offer in the spirit of fellow nerdiness and not nitpicking. I’ve got an XL Titan, so I’ve studied up on dropper length. I’ve got an 185 Divine in the bike. If I went to OneUp, I’d actually lose 5mm of drop (which I know is not enough to notice).  Taking the actuator out of the equation, the 185 Divine is 485mm. The OneUp shimmed to 190 is 505mm, which is 30mm more overall length for 5mm more of drop and too long for the Titan. Because of the shimming, there’s a 40mm jump in overall length moving from 180 up to 190. To go with a OneUp post, I’d have to drop to 180.  Like all of their products, the OneUp post is awesome. But, as with any post, the more you shim it the less impressive the overall length becomes relative to the drop. The solution, of course, is for OneUp to make fixed-travel posts in 10mm increments, which I bet would allow me to get 200 of drop on the Titan.  You don’t need an MBA to know why OneUp doesn’t do this. However, it might be strategy for a smaller brand to differentiate themselves. Something like a WR1 model where they cut the tubes and put the post together after you order it. Maybe somebody will one up OneUp?

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