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April 21, 2021, 10:46 p.m. -  Skeen

I have been running the one up v2 in 180 for 2 years with the occasional bushing clean/lube and add a few (tens of) psi and no further issues. Another brand to mention is tranz-x. Their stock post on my honzo has been flawless for its first 5 months and ~300 miles of heavy use. Not too many miles yet but lots of post-drops within those miles.  On a related note I’ve been running a KS Lev on my fat bike with about an inch of air leaked squish for 4 years (100mm total travel). It was a hand me down from a different bike. I tune the seat height to the “sag”. I even have a second identical post with no issues but prefer the one with some cush. Granted the bike doesnt see tons of miles each year and i know its a bit risky but dang it takes the bite out of that rigid ride.

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