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April 21, 2021, 2:44 p.m. -  Mark

ADHD unknowingly haunted me most of my life and cost me a lot. I was always described as being more than capable but never applying myself. It's only been on the back half of my life that I've become aware of having it and how it's been affecting me. For some people as they mature they get a better handle on it and for some people they don't - ADHD is one of those things that has wide range of impacts. I've been putting off taking any sort of medication, mostly due to a stubborn desire to fix this thing myself, but the last six months made it apparent that having help was going to make my life easier and better. I finally got around to seeing a doc  - procrastination is a classic ADHD symptom/effect. Reading this story is a bit apropos, as today was the first day of taking a low dose of medication that will hopefully make a big impact on my life.  For anyone that might have trouble focusing, following through on things, getting distracted easily, or lacking motivation to do what seems like simple things it's worth taking some time to speak to a health care professional to see if you may have something more than "bad habits" or "lack motivation" ADHD can often come with some level of anxiety and left untreated can bring on depression. There are lots of options to help with besides medication, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and as Cam pointed out exercise and establishing routines can help as well. While those are things people can do on their own, they may not be enough,  so take some time to speak with someone to see if you might benefit from more structured help. The other thing that's come clear, in part through being back in uni doing more education, is that people can have mental health issues and it's not really apparent or they can hide it well at times. People can act out as a defense mechanism or as a way to seek some sort of attention or interaction. If you're healthy, take a moment to consider that maybe the person you're having an issue with isn't, or that they may simply be going through a rough patch and are having trouble with their emotions. In the words of Dr Henry - be kind. Being kind can make a big difference for someone, and the bonus part is that it's rewarding for yourself as well.

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