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April 21, 2021, 10:25 a.m. -  meloroast

This is a great article and something I've been thinking about for...the past 5 years. My problems are the following: \- I love my bike but know nothing about wrenching (literally nothing) and so the idea of taking things apart YouTube style then having to bring it into the shop cause I f-ed something up is detracting me from getting my hands dirty.  \- I am, tbh, not all that interested in wrenching/tinkering...even though I know I should be and might be more if I just started.  \- Whenever I ask for input on BASIC things I should know I get a kazillion different responses so I throw my hands up and continue with the basic "rinse and lube" (followed of course by the occasional full washing which usually results in contaminated brakes...) and annual maintenance at the shop.  \- I have very limited tools. I also live in a condo a stones throw from Fromme that decided 10 bike lockers and a huge dog wash room were needed but a simple hose/space setup out back for mtbs was not. Space is at a premium.  All this to say I really enjoy the nsmb site and I learn a lot. But I struggle with lack of content for the true novice/reluctant wrencher.  Most articles read like greek to me. So while I'd love to do my homework I can't even read it and there is currently no google translate for the wrenching.  Help!

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