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April 21, 2021, 10:25 a.m. -  srodgers84

I had a similar experience recently that was related to simply washing my bike. I live in an apartment and store my bike in a outdoor storage shed on my balcony. Because of this I basically wash my bike post ride every time to avoid tracking the loam through my building or apartment (and upsetting my wife). Recently with the dry and warm weather, I skipped a few wash sessions since 'It wasn't that dirty'. Last ride as soon as I put some abrupt pressure or hit something square with my front tire, I heard the dreaded creak noise that comes from a CSU. Unfortunately, I have experienced, lets say, more than 2 CSU warranty issues over the last couple years but recently purchased a 38 (with the help from Fox related to the last warranty issue I will add - thank you Fox!) to hopefully avoid this reoccurrence. Needless to say the whole ride I was dreading having to deal with another warranty issue and basically ruined my whole ride with worry and anxiety. Got home, washed my bike, and what do you know, no more creaking noise. Funny how a little bit of dust likely in the headset can cause such remorse. Let's just say I will keep up my post ride washing regime moving forward to avoid the mystery noises.

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