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April 21, 2021, 9:07 a.m. -  Kenny

Sounds about right. I have a mullet hardtail and recently got an Ibis HD5 which has similar geometry to the Nomad, except it is 170/153 travel, and several pounds lighter.  It feels shockingly "smaller" than my Ripmo AF does despite being slacker and having more travel.  It does not quite carry speed over chunder like the ripmo does, and you cannot just stuff the front wheel into holes in the trail with reckless abandon, you need to pay attention in that regard.  A 150 front fork and 29er is something I might try, but although ultimately slightly less capable, the HD5 is a breath of fresh air in just how light and zippy and agreeable it is.  With the ripmo AF it feels a little like I'm dragging it anywhere that's not pointed down. I think these modern longer travel 27.5 bikes make an interesting argument when measured against more mid travel 29ers - aggressive trail/all mountain category. Enduro sled type comparisons where climbing is simply endured, the big 29ers have no rivals.

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