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April 21, 2021, 6:30 a.m. -  Poz

You put to words something I was thinking about on Monday. On Sunday I put the bike away after an early AM ride even though I knew after riding both weekend days there were some small things that needed to be addressed (lube, adjust fork, saddle adjust). Such is the life of having an ever growing to-do list with the family.  Last night I picked up the bike to go for a quick ride and I felt guilty. The bike didn’t get the attention it needed earlier and I didn’t have much time to ride so I did a rushed job on what was needed. While the tasks were done satisfactorily I did not have time to look into anything else or really enjoy the work. I find working in my shop, and especially on bikes, an almost cathartic experience as I like working with my hands, tinkering with the settings, and daydreaming of rides passed or future while I work the bike over.  Suffice to say the bike went on the stand after the ride last night and after getting the kids to sleep i made sure my next ride is ready to go.

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