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April 20, 2021, 10:51 a.m. -  Andeh

I experimented with less-than-ideal mullets a couple times before finding a setup that worked on my current bike.  A lot of the ride feel can be attributed to the geometry, as you'd expect.  The first couple times I did it (on a Sentinel v1 and a GG Smash), it got very, very slack and low (like 63 HTA, 330 BB height) and behaved like you'd expect.  It railed berms but had pedal strikes on everything, and the front end got super floppy.  But when I did it on my current bike (GG Megatrail, with short headset cup and 160 fork), all the pieces clicked.  The geometry feels like a normal enduro bike, the rear end is easier to move around under my shorter legs, and the bigger front wheel rolls over chunk and holes easier.  It also carries momentum better on straight-aways better than 27.5.

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