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April 19, 2021, 6:25 p.m. -  Reed Holden

Thanks for the review. I suppose it says something that you enjoyed a 27.5 despite being so turned off them in the beginning. I also note that you say you can ride your 29er in a playful way "I realized FPP is in the mind. Now that I was all about the pops and side hits I started seeking them out more on the Enduro." But it wasn't until you rode 27.5 that you even realized how much of the FPP you were missing. I think that says a lot about the difference in the natural ride characteristics between the two wheel sizes. One does let you ride faster and with more confidence,  where as the other opens doors to other fun zones that you don't even know you are missing on a 29er. As for some of the questions around mullet - I've done a few. I think a 27.5 bike that is designed for 20mm longer fork travel than rear works best. A 29er fork with 20mm less travel will feel balanced and your geo numbers are within 0.5 degrees.

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