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Jan. 19, 2016, 11:48 a.m. -  Nat Brown

#!markdown Hmmm. There's some crap reporting going on there. The video mentions that they were surrounded and detained by military officers and that the riders were on federal land, but not that they were on a military base. The text report does though. Assuming the text is correct, that's one hell of a detail to leave out of the video. The video makes it seem like the military is acting inappropriately against it's civilian population, but they're obviously the folks who have jurisdiction on a military base. Like Cam says in the footnote, there should absolutely be a minimum of some major signage before entering a military base on a trail, but realistically it should be fenced. Not too far from here the border with Mexico has been extensively fortified and militarised over the past 10-15 years, but they don't worry about having even a fence at a military base. Someone's asleep at the wheel.

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