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Jan. 21, 2017, 1:29 p.m. -  ChrisW

#!markdown Great article. Always good to have these issues brought up (and humour is a great way to do it) as it is not just this sport?/pastime?/hobby?/lifestyle? that is affected by these issues but the whole of society. On a positive note, we wouldn't have read this article if the bike companies weren't doing this marketing and they are only doing this marketing because they can see these products selling and they are selling because there are women who are participating - which is great! As the quality of the marketing… Well I am sure the companies are trying to hit the right notes and not offend anyone but… On a 2nd positive note the local bike park has just opened late last year and they have started Women's Wednesdays (same as Whistler does) - they are booked out every week. It is awesome to see so many women out riding - looking forward to being schooled by more and more women on the trails in the near future.

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